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Requests & Dedications

Guidelines For Making Requests and Dedications To Our Shows

Our programs on the Polka Jammer Network gladly accept requests and dedications.
We encourage our listeners to submit requests for their favorite songs.

When making requests and dedications to an IJ, please give the following information:

For Requests:

Artist (Band)
Your Name
City/State you’re from

If you’re making a request or dedication to a syndicated network show such as “It’s Polka Time!” with Craig Ebel, please give the call name of the radio station you’re listening to, so that you may receive proper credit on the air. (in this case, tell Craig that you listened to his show on The Polka Jammer Network)  Craig’s show is syndicated on 24 radio stations including Polka Jammer Network; he needs to keep track of where his listeners are tuning in from.

For Dedications:

If for a birthday, anniversary, etc…. please specify the date of the event.

We encourage you to e-mail our show hosts and let them know thay you are listening to their shows. We understand that many of our listeners don’t use e-mail and prefer to listen instead. However, our hosts have no idea if anybody is listening to their shows, so taking a moment to e-mail our hosts will help us out a lot.

We have been asked about what the submission guidelines are for each show.

Chainsaw’s Polka Madhouse” with Jim Kucharski:
E-Mail Address: chainsaw@polkajammernetwork.org

Website: www.polkamadhouse.com

Jim is LIVE on most Saturday & Sunday afternoons. If a show is pre-recorded, they are generally taped on Friday nights.
Visit Jim’s website and click on “Show Schedule” to find out if Jim’s show is LIVE or on tape.

Please feel free to e-mail your requests and dedications,
and let Jim know that you are listening.

(please mention your name and city/state you’re listening from,
so that Jim may acknowledge you on the air.)

“It’s Polka Time!” with Craig Ebel:
E-Mail Address: itspolkatime@hotmail.com

Website: www.itspolkatime.com

This is a syndicated network show that is taped 2 weeks in advance. Shows are taped every other Wednesday, and Polka Jammer Network receives 2 weeks’ worth of shows. Listeners are asked to submit their requests and dedications at least 2 weeks in advance in order that they can be scheduled for air. Also, make sure you tell Craig that you listened to his show on The Polka Jammer Network, so that you can receive proper on-air credit. (Craig’s show is syndicated on a number of radio stations across the United States including The Polka Jammer Network, so please make sure you mention that you heard him on The Polka Jammer Network)

Craig will notify listeners by e-mail as to when their request will air on our network.

POLKA PARTY with Andy Citkowicz:
E-Mail Address: njpolkas@comcast.net

Andy tapes his show the Tuesday before air.

Andy LOVES to hear from his listeners, so send those e-mails!

“The Family Polka Program – Jay & Janice Lochner
E-Mail Address: jrlpolkanut@familypolka.com

Website: www.familypolka.com

Shows are generally taped on Tuesday nights.

The Polka Vinyl Show” – Billy Belina
E-mail Address: wsb@housing.umass.edu

Billy loves to play those great albums on the ol’ PLASTIC!!!  And he takes requests!!!

All shows are LIVE

“Wonderful World Of Polkas” – Wally & Maryann Raczkowski
E-mail Address: walrazz@charter.net

Their specialty is playing lots of LIVE tapes, so send in those requests and keep Wally awake.

All shows are LIVE

“Center Stage” – Sandy Lewandowski
E-Mail Address: centerstagepolkas@yahoo.com

Sandy’s shows are taped on Monday nights.

“Matt’s Polka Party” – Matt Wasielewski
E-Mail Address: matt@mattspolkaparty.com

Matt plays the best in polkas from the past and present, including many 78RPM records.
(which he affectionately calls “fryin’ bacon”)

All shows are LIVE.

He would love to hear from you!

E-Mail Address: BGHORN2@aol.com

Bill’s shows are generally taped on Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings.
(schedule permitting)

POLKAS 101 & SLOVENIAN POLKA BLAST– Joe Oberaitis (Pan Jusef)

E-Mail Address: kerebo@myexcel.com

The Pan loves to hear from his listeners.
Joe’s Slovenian show is taped on Wednesday nights, and POLKAS 101 is taped on Friday nights.

“Joni’s Jammin’ Polkas” – Joni Zychowski Minehart
E-Mail Address: jminehart15@yahoo.com

Joni LOVES to hear from her listeners, so send in those requests!

All shows are LIVE

“Polka Celebration” – Joe & Debbie Wondolowski
E-Mail Address: polkacelebration@charter.net

Shows are taped on Saturday mornings.

“The Polka Nite Cap” – Todd Zaganiacz
E-Mail Address: tz@polkajammernetwork.org

Here’s a gentleman that loves to stump the chat room.
He gladly takes request and dedications!

All shows are LIVE

“Richie Gomulka Polka & Waltz Shows” – Richie Gomulka
E-Mail Address: richiesueg@att.net

Shows are taped on Monday nights.
His specialty is Chicago style polka music from the 1950’s through today.

Richie plays polka music on his Wednesday shows, while Friday nights
are reserved for easy listening waltzes designed for cuddlers.

“The Bad Boy Show” – Eddie Biegaj
E-Mail Address: polkabadboy@yahoo.com

Eddie’s Thursday show features the hottest polka music around,

while his Sunday RETRO show features a specific theme.

Shows are generally taped on Wednesdays.

Eddie will be airing his Thursday shows LIVE for the most part, unless he has a Friday night gig.
Sunday RETRO shows are on tape unless otherwise announced.

“Red Hot Polkas” – Chris Valcik & Gerry Rymanowski
E-Mail Address: requests@redhotpolkas.com

Website: www.redhotpolkas.com

Shows are generally taped on Thursday nights, however the show is occasionally LIVE when Gerry is not performing with his band.
Send in those requests and dedications!!

“Synowie Lagrinka” (Sons Of LaGrange) – Randy Krajewski & Eric Hite
E-Mail Address: sonsoflagrange@gmail.com

This program features hot polka music with an emphasis on Toledo, OH bands past & present.
Shows are taped on either Thursday or Friday.

“Freddie’s Fun House – Freddie Bulinski
E-Mail Address: fpbulin@yahoo.com

Freddie plays the finest in polka music for your listening pleasure, including interviews.
He also takes requests!

All shows are LIVE

“Hot American Polkas” – Kenny Olowin
E-Mail Address: olowin@aol.com

Kenny is one of the top polka DJ’s on the circuit today, and we are proud to simulcast his WERG show on Sunday afternoons.
He loves taking requests!

All shows are LIVE.

“Polka Shindig” – Rich Suckiel
E-Mail Address: polka.shindig@comcast.net

This program features polka oldies..
Shows are taped on Wednesday nights.

“Polkas In Vogue” – Ron & Kathy Raczkowski

E-Mail Address: polkasinvogue@yahoo.com

This LIVE show features many of the bands that are performing on the circuit today.

All shows are LIVE

“Cousin Ozzie’s Basement” – Dick Ozimek
E-Mail Address: cousinozzie@verizon.net

This program features polka oldies.
Shows are taped on Wednesday mornings.

“Bill Shibilski’s Polka Party” – Bill Shibilski
E-Mail Address: polkawithbill@gmail.com

This program features the best in polka music of the past and present, including a collector’s corner.
Shows are taped on Wednesday nights.



Thank you for your support of the Polka Jammer Network.