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Our PJN programs are available to computer users of CABLE/DSL for listening anytime. We are providing this for the convenience of those listeners who are unable to tune in our shows during their regularly scheduled days/times.

New shows will be posted the day after its first airing on the network, and will be available for 3 weeks. LIVE shows will be available the day after air, and will also be available for 3 weeks. Special shows and LIVE Remotes aired on the Jammer will be available for 1 month.

**NOTE: Management reserves the right not to post a LIVE show if its feed experiences technical difficulties. Due to copyright restrictions, WMUA & WERG simulcasts as well as Bill Shibilski’s WFDU shows are NOT available in the archive.


The archive is for the private non-commercial use of our audience. Any rebroadcast or retransmission without the prior written consent of the Polka Jammer Network is prohibited!

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bad boy show logo
with Eddie Biegaj
show archive logo
with Sandy Lewandowski
with Jay & Janice Lochner
show archive logo
with Freddie & Marsha Bulinski
its polka time logo
with Craig Ebel
jonis jammin polkas logo
with Joni Zychowski Minehart
show archive logo
with Kenny Zagar
Keith Stras - K & C Logo
with Keith Stras
Matt's Polka Party
with Matt & Vi Wasielewski
patrick henry show logo
with Patrick Henry Cukierka
show archive logo
with Peter J. Danielczuk
polka cafe
with Kenny Konopka
show archive logo
with Nat the Cat
show archive logo
with Joe & Debbie Wondolowski
polka nite cap logo
with Todd Zaganiacz
polka party boulevard
with Matthew Martin
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with Rick Suckiel
show archive logo
with Bill Gula
polkas 101 logo
with Joe Oberaitis
show archive logo
with Ron & Kathy Raczkowski
polka vinyl show logo
with Billy Belina
with Chris Valcik &
Gerry Rymanowski
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with Joe Oberaitis
show archive logo
with Marty Swiatek & Teri Arensman
show archive logo
with Randy Krajewski & Eric Hite