Eddie Blazonczyk Sr. 1941-2012

Eddie Blazonczyk Sr PicIt is with gread sadness to announce that Eddie Blazonczyk Sr. passed away on Monday, May 21st at around 6am Eastern Time (5am Chicago Time).  He died of complications from a stroke two months shy of his 71st birthday.

Visitation will take place on Wednesday, May 23rd and Thursday, May 24th from 3-9pm Chicago Time at the Modell Funeral Home located at 12641 W. 143rd St., Homer Glen, IL.  Telephone: (708) 301-3595.

A Mass of Christian Burial will take place at 11am Chicago Time on Friday, May 25th at the St. Cyril & Methodius Church located at 541 Ledochowski St., in Lemont, IL.  Burial will be at Resurrection Cementery in Justice, IL.

On behalf of the management and IJ’s here at the Polka Jammer Network, we offer the Blazonczyk family our deepest condolences.


  1. John Sulewski says

    I am so sad to hear of Eddie’s passing. He was my all time favorite band and polka person.

    I send my sympathy and prayers to the family,

    May we all see him one day in Heaven.

    God Speed,


  2. Robin Kukelka Fohl says

    This is so so sad and a shock to me. I am a former Karolinka Polka Dancer and have enjoyed not only his music, but that special tone in his voice when he sang. I am deeply sadden by his loss and I know all the people that know him, and the angels above; will always sing his tunes in harmony. May God Bless You for All the Joy and Happiness you brought to so many people. My Prayers go out to all of your friends and family. Sincerely, Robn Kukelka Fohl

  3. Jerry Soliwoda Sr. says

    Condolences and our prayers go out to the Blazonczyk family on Eddie B. Sr’s passing. Polka Heaven now has it’s newest addition to the Supreme Polka Jam Band. May everyone who had the opportunity to be a part of the any of Eddie’s performances, always remember the great music and vibrant personality that was Eddie B.

    Jerry Soliwoda Sr. and Jerry Soliwoda Jr.

  4. Mike & Miriam Mesler says

    Our favorite memory with Eddie was on the Polka Cruise in Jan. 2000 to the Mexican Riviera and at 7 Springs Resort in Western Pa. What a musician and one of the greatest Polka Singers.
    God bless you Eddie and our heartfelt sympathy to the family.
    Mike & Miriam Mesler
    Sun City Hilton Head
    Bluffton, SC.

  5. Dorothy Slupski says

    The finest voice of today’s Polish music has been silenced; I’m so sorry but he meets his peers in the heavenly chorus.

  6. John A. Mysliwiec says

    So sorry to hear of this. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family. This is such a great loss to the Polka World.

    Wiecznie odpoczynek racz go dac’ Panie, a swiatlosc wiekoista niechaj go swieci na wieki wiekow Amen. ( Eternal rest grant to him Lord, and may the perpetual light shine upon him for ever and ever Amen,)

  7. Erik Raichle says

    We will miss Eddie. He was an inspiration to our family and to everyone. To us, Eddie was the best.

    The sad thing for Polka Lovers is that talent like his is slipping away from us. Perhaps, there never will be another Eddie B. Perhaps, his loss is greater then we now realize. Perhaps, we should begin today praying,

    “Eddie, now that you’re in heaven with our God, ask him to please stop the world, so we can climb on board. The whole world will be happy if Polkas were restored.”

    We know he’ll listen to you, Eddie, because God always had a special place in his heart for you.
    We miss you, Eddie.
    We love you.
    Please help us.

    • Erik Raichle says

      Everyone who reads this post, Go home and listen to Eddie’s song, “Stop The World” Listen to every word. Play it over and over and think about the man and his words.

      Eddie was a Polka Hero. He dedicated his life to Polka for the good of us all. He gave us clean, good, happy, character building music. He himself was a role model for hundreds of musicians and fans. Everyone loved Eddie B.

      Think about what is going on today in television, motion pictures, newspapers, magazines, and radio. You will see that Eddie B truly was our Hero. He was one of Polka Music’s great heroes.

      To many of us, he fulfilled the words in his song, I wanna be a Polka Hero. He and his music were the kind of world we wanted our children, and our children’s children to grow up and live in.

      If you feel tears of sadness welling up inside your heart and you want to cry, you should, because if the world continues on its present path, you will see in the coming months, very soon, that Eddie B is the last great Polka Hero, there will never be another to make you smile, to brighten your world.

      One by one, they are all leaving us. One by one the Old Timers are leaving us and taking our culture with them, our picnics in the park, our churches, our festivals, our Wedding Receptions, our 60th Anniversaries. Leaving our children with Sex In The City, The Dictator, and KISS.

      We should get down on our knees and thank God for Eddie B and ask God for help because the world of Tomorrow that our children will inherit will be terribly different from the world of Yesterday that we enjoyed from our parents.

      • Erik Raichle says

        I’ve been listening to Polka Jammers every day this week, but today, Sunday, Eddie’s loss was overwhelming for me. From the Shindig show, to Family Polka, to Polish Style, to Celebration. The IJs did it. They put it together. They made Eddie B. come back to be with us. I felt it very strongly. I could see him, I could hear him, I could remember him vividly.

        I remembered the Sunday night at Pulaski, many years ago. It was pouring rain. Eddie was the last show. People were soaking wet, crowed into the Main Tent, with the flaps down. It was a driving rain. The floor was packed on the floor, everyone was dancing. Everyone was happy. Eddie and his music did that to us. He and his beautiful music made us truly happy.

        I remember the…..

        Right now, on Polka Celebration, 2:50 PM, a beautiful woman is reading a tribute to Eddie. She is crying as she reads. Her voice breaks completely on the last sentence.

        What beautiful people you left behind, Eddie. God bless you and your music. Thank you for the wonderful memories. And, help us here on earth to make this world a better place for everyone.

        • Erik Raichle says

          We must do something dramatic to honor.Eddie.

          We must understand that our orderly, humane way of life is the only future for America and mankind.

          Our music was born in the Old Country and planted in America to bloom again.

          I don’t have the space here to explain it to you, but trust me, we are the most powerful force in the world for goodness, truth, and beauty.

          Therefore, we must have a National Memorial Observation Day to honor the passing of a Polka Great, someone who had a powerful effect upon Polka Music and on our people.

          All Polka people all over America must do something to honor and pay our respects for his memory, his achievements, and his influence upon us.
          Eddie was one of our greatest, which everyone will see as time passes.

          Remember, American style Polka Music exists nowhere else in the world.

          In other words, American Style Polka is truly American Music. It doesn’t exist in Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Austria, anywhere,

          Those who created this wonderful style of music must be honored, Nationally.



    • Richard Wojcik says

      Its truly a sad day for the entire Polish Polka Community. Eddie B. brought me back to my Polish Polka Roots about 25 years ago. I had many happy experiences listening to Eddie sing and play. There truly was no one better. God Bless his family.

  9. M.Krupa says

    It”s a sad day for the entire Polish Polka Community, as the late and great Eddie B Senior passed away. God’s Polka band has a new member. I want to express my sincere sympathy to his family. I also had many happy experiences listening to Eddie sing and perform with the band. I want to also send my prayers and condolences to his family. God Bless his family.

  10. ED & JOYCE SKOMRA says

    Just wanted to express our condolences to the family. What a loss to the polka lovers of our time,I could just cry. He affected so many people in a positive way,and his music will always be with us. I’ll always remember him as “THE GREATEST” God Bless Him and all of his family

  11. Jon Messer says

    Moje Kondolencje dla calej rodziny Eddie Blazonczyk. Nasze mysli sa z nimi. Niech Bog ma go w swojej opiece.

  12. Bob Warren says

    The Polka God Father has only left our space but not our hearts and memory of his talents and the wondeful times we were so lucky to have with him….. Musically Yours

  13. says

    Our thoughts, love, condolences and prayers go out to the Blazonczyk family during this most difficult time. on the passing of Eddie Sr. He certainly will be missed. Eddie, thank you for sharing the Special God Given talent and gifts….and for leaving us with such “Great Memories.” Your voice and music will go on and on
    Rest peacefully our “Dear Friend and Hero with the Lord in Polka Heaven.

  14. Mike Schumacher says

    EB made thousands happy whether dancing or just listening to his wonderful voice. Thank you for living in my lifetime EB.

  15. Wash King The King Bros. says

    Ed. Blazonczyk . What a great man. He will be missed by thousands. I was very happy when he recorded our Happy Tappy Polka. May he rest in peace and he will now join the many polka mucicians in heaven.

  16. Gary Loncki says

    I grew up listening to Wally, Lush and Eddie B. When I started the Polka Jamboree radio show in Erie in 1975, Eddie was among the first to send me a stack of albums. In the years after, anytime a package of albums would arrive from Bel-Aire, I knew it was going to be something great. When I talked with him at dances, he always had time for me and others, and was always supportive. Of course, Eddie set the bar for the polka industry. His music was consistently top notch. He was the consummate professional, yet always approachable and never lost the common touch. Eddie was an incredilbe talent on many levels and thank God he was ours. Now, he takes his place in the pantheon of polka heroes. My prayers and sympathy to the the family. Rest in God’s peace, Eddie.

  17. John & Wanda Klik says

    Got the sad news from brother in Belgium opening the PolkaJammer .
    Edziu was known through the whole world,loved specially your songs
    ” po staro polsku”
    You will be missed by all,but your voice and music will go on.
    Sad day for all,but you are now in peace with the Lord.
    Our condolences and prayers go out to the Blazonczyk Family.

  18. Jan Krzak says

    I was sad to hear about the passing of this great man. I was very lucky to over the years to hear him play his great Polka music for his many fans. I will also remember the many weekends that I spent with him and his band. The trips and cruises that I had taken with him and the band are and always be very special for me. I now want to take this time to send my condolences to Tish. Kathy. Eddie Jr. and Tony. You had a very special father and I know that you will all miss him.

  19. Big Joe Wieczorek says

    One of the Greatest Musicians that ever lived, will be sadly missed!!! May we see you in Heaven someday.

  20. Tom Cramp says

    In heaven there is no beer!!! there may or may not be beer in heaven, but I’m sure of one thing, it will be played!!!!!!! The Elvis of polka, will be missed, but what he did for the polka field will live on forever!

  21. ed kubica says

    I’m from Pittsburgh, Pa originally………when I was little a would catch the ball and pretend I was Roberto Clemente when I threw it, when I got my trumpet and started playing Polka Music at the ae of 12…………..I tried to sound like Eddie B when I sang…………..through all the years of playing and singing, the best compliment I ever got was when someone would say, wow you sounded like Eddie B when you sang that song!

    He was a men among Men!

    Eddie in North Carolina

  22. Ernie and Ursula Stetz says

    As President of the Polish American Pulaski Association of Holiday, Florida the Board of Directors and the entire membership joins me and my wife in expressing our deep sorrow at the passing of Eddie Blazonczyk, Sr. It is a great loss not only to the polka field but Polonia. Being from Chicago my wife and I enjoyed the music of the polka greats and Eddie, Sr. was at the top. He played our club many times on his Florida tour and the hall would always be packed to its 500 capacity.Our sincere sympathy to the entire Blazonczyk family. Eddie we love you, we enjoyed your great talent and now the angels above will have that chance. Rest in Peace dear friend.

  23. Alicia Newman says

    I, too, was very sorry to hear of Eddie’s passing. I spent my younger days at picnics, weddings , dancing mostly the polka. in later life I took Polka lessons at Blob’s Park in Jessup , Maryland, and from then on became a staunch Blazonczyk fan. Rest in peace.

  24. says

    I remember when Eddie BSr. played at the festivals in michigan. I have a video of Eddie Blaz playingz the Am erican Polish Century club festival. in sterling heights. I remember Eddie Blaz at warsaw park and St. claudes festival in clinton twp. I remember Eddie b Sr. at frankenmuth festival. Eddie Blaz was a great musician had a great band. Eddie blaz is the number 1 polka band in american. I send my condulences to the Blaz family nki. My thoughts and prayers. Eddie b will be playing in heaven with mark kziak and marion lush, and fra.kie yankovic

    • says

      My thoughts and prayers for the blazonczyk family. I think about Eddie playing in michigan and the Sterling heights, and clinton twp at the st claudes festival. I have a video of eddie b playing at the polish festvial in sterling heights,mi. I am going to miss Eddie B Sr.
      Yours truly Roger J. Kane 19961 12 mile Roseville, MI. 48066 586-350-0993

  25. tom dee says

    Eddie is the greatest, was the greatest and always will be the greatest. I thank the Lord that we have his recordings. Long Live Eddie B!

  26. gene sedlacko says

    I am originally from Latrobe, Pa. I remember the times Eddie came to Fiedor’s Grove in Mount Pleasant, Pa. I would help Joe Fiedor at the Grove and got to meet Eddie. he was FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY. The Polka Field just lost one of the BEST!!!!!!!.

    • Erik Raichle says

      That’s how I remember him also, Gene. But, we have to do something dramatic in his honor. We have to have a National Memorial Observation Day to honor the passing of All Polka Greats, people who had a powerful effect upon Polka Music and on our people. Eddie was one of our greattest, which everyone will see as time passes.

      Remember, American style Polka Music exists nowhere else in the world. In other words, American Style Polka is truly American Music. It doesn’t exist in Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Austria, anywhere, And, those who created this wonderful style of music must be honored, nationally.

  27. John Bluvas says

    Just found out about Eddie and I am so sad for the loss. Thanks pal for all the great music, and may you keep GOD happy up there in heaven!

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